My day out with my Mom and Grandma :)

Went to a farmer’s market in Arcata and had “Mashed Potatoes in a Waffle Cone” and guess what, it tasted exactly like mashed potatoes in a waffle cone. Then I got incredibly wired on this caffeinated shake in Old Town Eureka. 

Also a turkey.

  1. the-audio-injection said: You have a beautiful beard, my friend.
  2. see-a-tea said: Mmm. I love the little coffee shops in old town Eureka. My sister lives in a sweet apartment above a restaurant down there. Also, last time I was in Arcata I got drunk on vodka in the little park by all the bars before seeing a reggae show. Good times!
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  4. solitary-voyage said: That turkey is fucking badass.
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