I always give people a chance.

For instance, If a blog starts following me that posts a lot of viking stuff who is a skinhead. I may still follow you back because who knows, maybe you’re not racist and just love vikings. When I see someone who posts Nazi symbols and swastikas. Maybe they’re just fascinated by WWII. Maybe they understand the origins of Nazi symbols and don’t even view them as such!

Just be warned though, if you start talking about your racist views, I won’t even unfollow you, just be prepared to get heavily bitched at by me.

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  3. deaddeaddeadski666 said: Yea i read that girls chat blog to about that bitch. That broad is a fucking stupid cunt and doesnt even need to be alive. Haha harsh i know…but i cant stand racist people…racist people should be ripped apart by wolves in my opinion. :)
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